Men continue to dominate the aviation industry, but a growing number of female pilots are challenging gender stereotypes with their cockpit photos on Instagram. The social media stars are inspiring other women to join the profession. It’s 2017, and the aviation industry is still dominated by men. But there’s a […]

These female pilots are smashing stereotypes and becoming huge Instagram ...

Here are 10 elegant, beautiful designs that graced international airlines. 1. Emirates Airlines In a recent article published by the Huffington Post (Emirate Airlines flight attendants reveal just how much goes into their in-flight look) two members of the elite, diverse crew (which is made up of people from 130 […]


Video has emerged of last weekend’s attack at a Paris airport, when an armed man briefly took a soldier hostage before being shot dead. The Associated Press obtained the footage of the drama at Orly airport from an anonymous source. After grabbing the servicewoman from behind, Zied ben Belgacem is […]

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There are many things you’re asked to do when arriving for and sitting on a plane. Most of them aren’t explained and the reasons for them aren’t always clear. By the time the plane is landing and the flight attendant asks you to lift the window shade, it feels like […]


Two flight attendants are suing American Airlines over harassing Facebook messages posted by male co-workers. The women say American failed to enforce its policy prohibiting employees from making insults or disparaging comments about co-workers on social media. They are claiming sex discrimination and sexual harassment, and are seeking unspecified damages. […]

Flight attendants sue American Airlines over Facebook posts

A flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu yesterday had to make a pit stop in Los Angeles. No, it wasn’t because an A-lister had a last-minute inkling for the white sands of Hawaii or because there was an unexpected stowaway. According to Condé Nast Traveler, an unruly passenger caused the […]

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We asked a member of a British Airline’s cabin crew to tell us what it takes to get down to it at 38,000 feet You’ve re-read the safety card, seen off four gin and tonics and your partner’s finally got over the man at security confiscating her moisturizer, so what to do? […]

How to have sex on a plane

Does a cheaper flight mean a less safe flight? What happens if your plane is struck by lightning? And why do we have to put our seats in the upright position for landing? The keepers of the answers to your burning questions are the very same people serving you cocktails […]

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Doreen Welsh, retired US Airways flight attendant Textron Aviation Courtesy photo    BY JERRY SIEBENMARK Retired US Airways flight attendant Doreen Walsh, a crew member aboard the “Miracle on the Hudson” landing of a passenger jet, will keynote Textron Aviation’s U.S. Customer Conference next month. Walsh will offer her first-hand […]

‘Miracle on Hudson’ crew member to keynote Textron conference

Medical crews regularly have to treat passengers for severe turbulence injuries because they weren’t wearing a seat belt By Caroline McGuire EVEN the most seasoned flyers get the occasional pang of concern about whether their flight will crash, but according to the experts, that should be the least of your worries. […]

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