A CHEEKY glass of wine might be the thing you enjoy most on a flight. But the thing is, wine doesn’t travel well at all — flying may be wine’s worst enemy. And that makes Roy Moorfield’s job very challenging. Mr Moorfield is an international wine consultant with Cathay Pacific, […]

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Having a hard time at the airport? Here are 10 common mistakes you may be making. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto) From the baggage drop to the security line to the boarding gate, just getting through the airport these days can throw pitfalls at you that you never saw coming. Even if […]

10 mistakes you’re mostly making at the airport

It’s no wonder so many parents dread flying with young children. Caring for babies in ridiculously tight quarters while trying to avoid disturbing fellow passengers is a tall order in and of itself. Combine that with the fact that few aspects of air travel, with the exception of pre-boarding the […]

Stranger’s Incredible Act Of Kindness Moves Airline Passenger To Tears

1. Momondo Momondo has this cool and unique way of presenting flight fares to the users. They split up the fares into useful little categories such as “cheapest,” “Quickest” and “Best.” In addition, they also have free city against for major locations such as Paris, Rome and New York which […]

4 Apps Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About

Despite dealing with demanding passengers, unwieldy trolleys and turbulence at 30,000ft, flight attendants are well-known for their reassuring manner and helpful attitude. But behind those smiles and pristine uniforms, some members of cabin crew are gradually losing their patience with difficult passengers in what one hostess describes as a ‘lonely’ job. Air […]

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The Boeing 737 seemed to arrive from a country Israel has been officially at war with for more than 60 years. As visitors to Israel go, it could hardly have been more unexpected. A Boeing 737 plane was seen parked on the tarmac at Tel Aviv’s airport on Wednesday with the logo “Wings of Lebanon” […]

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Philip James Russell, 61, leaves Maroochydore Court House after pleading guilty to assaulting a flight attendant when in the air between Bangkok and Sydney.Stuart Cumming RETIRED high school teacher Philip James Russell lashed out at an attendant during a flight between Bangkok and Sydney, a court has heard. The 61-year-old […]

Ex-teacher punches Qantas attendant mid-flight

Exploring a new city on a long layover is the perfect way to squeeze another destination into your trip. But it’s a science that’s difficult to perfect without ample time to roam around—so why not make an amazing airport your bonus destination? Spending hours in a terminal won’t give you […]

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When six-year-old Owen Lake lost his stuffed tiger at Tampa International Airport, officials made sure he got the tiger back.Courtesy Tampa International Airport Airports aren’t known for bringing out the best in people — the many lines and frequent delays usually wear down even the friendliest of folk. From the panic of […]

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