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Urban Renewal

Kaisa Group has focused on the renewal for 17 years and urban renewal has become one of the most important development strategies. With 17 years of accumulated experiences of renewalprojects, successful project cases and professional urban renewal team, Kaisa enjoys the reputation of “renewal expert” in the industry.

In 2011, Kaisa Group Holdings focused on the advantages of resources to build the first domestic largest professional renewal company, Kaisa Property(Shenzhen) LTD. In 2013,“Kaisa Property Group” was officially established, and was renamed as “Kaisa Urban Renewal Group” in 2015.

At present, Kaisa Urban Renewal Group has more than 40 urban renewal projects and land reserves are rich. Its business covers Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other cities, involving the renovation of the old cities, the renovation of the old villages, the renovation of the old industrial areas and the renovation of unfinished buildings. Its renewal scope covers high-end residential, boutique apartments, Grade A office buildings, high-star hotels and commercial complex. It has successfully created several cases, such as Shenzhen Kaisa Center, Shenzhen Kaisa City Plaza, Shenzhen Dapeng Kaisa Square, Shenzhen Kaisa Capital, Guangzhou Sinopec Building, Zhuhai Kaisa Water front. All areappreciated by all walks of life, achieving “100% relocation, 100% satisfaction”.

As the first group focusing on urban renewal in China, Kaisa has formed a mature mode of operation in the field of urban renewal, including planning and design, business negotiation, cooperation mode, demolition and relocation, development and construction, operation and service, with more than 300 professional renovation talents who areproficient inplanning and design, laws and regulations and commercial negotiations.

In the future, Kaisa Urban Renewal Group will adhere to the core values of “profession, innovation, value and responsibility" of Kaisa Group, inherits the fine tradition, makes great efforts to make progress, and continues to be leading in urban renewal, contributing to urban renewal as a benchmark enterprise in China.

Urban Renewal

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