Boeing to upgrade Air Force E-3 Sentry cockpits

Dec. 8 (UPI) — The Boeing Co. has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Air Force for the airborne warning and control system diminishing manufacturing sources replacement of avionics for global operations and navigation program, also known as DRAGON.

The deal, announced Thursday by the Department of Defense, is worth more than $46.3 million under the terms of a firm-fixed-price and cost-plus-fixed fee contract that has been definitized.

The DRAGON program is a joint effort between the U.S. and NATO partners to upgrade the cockpits of Boeing E-3 Sentry aircraft, which is designed as an airborne early warning and control platform that provides all-weather surveillance for inclement weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

Work on the contract will be performed in Oklahoma City, Okla., and is expected to be completed by January 2022.

Procurement funds from fiscal 2017 monies will be payed to Boeing at the time of award, amounting to more than $4 million.

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