Airline Requires Women to Remove Their Tops For Flight Attendant Interviews

Four year old Malaysian airline Malindo Air requires potential flight attendants to disrobe in their interviews.

Malindo aircraft takes off at Kota Kinabalu , Copyright: rumandawi / 123RF Stock Photo

According to the airline’s director of public relations, “It is the right of the employer to request potential flight attendants to expose their chests to interviewers.” He also thinks “most airlines do the same” because “cabin crew needed to be presentable.”

  • They must remove their tops (but may leave their bra on) “to see if applicants had visible marks” and if they do, where those marks are on the body. The airline’s uniform is “partially see-throughs” however it includes “a corset inside and if it is covered by the corset, it is okay.”
  • They also must “bare their legs thigh-high” because female uniforms have long slits so “[w]e need to know if there are scars or any marks as you can see their legs when they walk.” But don’t worry,

    “The slit is also tailored in such a manner where it will enable flight attendants to move around easily, especially during an emergency.”

While Islam is the state religion in Malaysia — Malindo Air is based in Petaling Jaya, just outside Kuala Lumpur (and home to some great restaurants) — Malaysia is just south of Vietnam, home to VietJet where the female founder argues flight attendants in bikinis empowers women.

AirAsia is trying to benefit from taking the opposite stance and has since put out a recruitment ad promising not to make prospective flight attendants take off their clothes:

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