4 Apps Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About

1. Momondo

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Momondo has this cool and unique way of presenting flight fares to the users. They split up the fares into useful little categories such as “cheapest,” “Quickest” and “Best.” In addition, they also have free city against for major locations such as Paris, Rome and New York which you can download and use offline. This is really a handy app for those who love travelling.

So, these apps can certainly make your life easier and perhaps cheaper depending on your requirements. If you have information regarding more of such similar apps, let us know!

2. Hopper

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Hopper is a very cute looking app which is a fare hunting powerhouse. It not only finds the lowest flight fares based on your travel days, but also provides proper advice whether you should book the flight now or not. It can further predict whether the prices of such flights would go up or down in the future from where you can use this fact to make your purchasing decisions wisely. In addition, it keeps you sending notifications of all the changes that are going on in the airline industry and the changes in the dollar rates so that you can make proper decision. Sadly again, this app is only available for iPhone users.

3. 729 Airlines

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The great thing about this app is the fact that it has a very good looking and well-arranged interface that lets you navigate very smoothly. It is a very simple to use app that lets you find the right flight for the desired destinations and time period within the cheapest rates available. Unfortunately, this app is only available for IPhone users and so android users may be disappointed since they are missing out on a very exciting app using experience.

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4. Skiplagged

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Although, they are under a lawsuit with United, they are still working fine to provide the best flight information and booking service for free. The unique hidden-city ticketing method provided by Skiplagged can help you book flights that can go up to 80% cheaper than any other sites in the business. It is upto you to decide how morally obligated are you to take advantage of the loophole that is present in the airline industry. Either way, this helps you book the cheapest flight possible using this particular app.

It is the time of the year where you are seeing everyone around taking long vacations to many exciting destinations. You are also noticing how your favorite celebrities are uploading their amazing vacation photos on Instagram. All these acts around you are certainly making you determined to take a long vacation where the itch to book cheaper flights is higher than ever before. If you want a vacation within a certain budget range, here are 5 awesome apps that can help you to book cheap flight tickets to your desired destinations.

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